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October 1, 2009
Submitted by Bear

So we are still trying to settle down from Reactor '09. It was a considerably smaller then it was in the past years but that will happen when a con takes a year off. We met a lot of new people. Even though the con was smaller and a little disappointing given Reactor in years past, we still had fun.

Off to the left you'll see a new segment that has been blank for a while. That will be a little gift for those who return to the site constantly. I'm hoping to have the part finished by next week.

In other news, Halloween is coming up. YAY! One of my favorite time's of the year. We will try to do something special for Halloween but it really depends on time here at Bear Bunny HeadQuarters (Registered, TradeMarked, CopyRighted). So be checking the site frequently in the next month and who knows what you'll find.